• We are powder coaters specializing in coating architectural aluminum products and serving the construction sector.
  • We operate in Estonia and Lithuania but serve the entire Baltic region, Finland and other nearby countries
  • We have extensive experience with coating, having worked in Tallinn, Estonia since 1997 and in Vilnius, Lithuania since 2001
  • We are part of the Finnish Inlook group
  • 2015 turnover: € 4.5 million
  • Personnel in 2015: 50 employees


  • Powder coating services especially designed for extrusions, sheet metal products and castings, all made of aluminum
  • State-of-the-art coating on automatic and manual lines
  • Environmentally friendly chromium-free pre-treatment technology on automatic lines
  • Technology for long workpieces with length up to 7200 mm, height up to 1500 mm and width up to 450 mm.
  • Large contact network with all main powder suppliers
  • Weather resistant architectural polyesters approved by quality organizations (GSB and Qualicoat) in a variety of finishes, colors and effects
  • Deliveries within 3-5 work days
  • Yearly coating capacity of up to 1 million square meters


  • Exemplary technical and functional quality certified by GSB and ISO 9001 standards
  • On-time deliveries
  • Flat and light organization and bespoke client support
  • State-of-the-art, fast color-change coating equipment with powder recycling
  • Automated and environmentally friendly chrome-free pre-treatment approved by quality organizations (GSB and Qualicoat)
  • Widely famous handling and packing of your material
  • “Warehouse hotel” service for your material
  • Insurance of your material against damage and loss